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  • Beautifully portrayed Nahidh your draughtsmanship is flawless.

    Posted by Lesley Peters on Mon 17 Jul 15:20:39
  • Wow! this is wonderful Nahidh.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Mon 17 Jul 15:20:46
  • Nahidh, this is very accurate and beautifully done. The fact that you did it in one color with various shades to show definition is really excellent. You have a gift and should definitely continue along this path. When you can capture that kind of action and reproduce it well, that certainly calls attention to your work.



    Posted by Paul Harman on Mon 17 Jul 17:55:54
  • Agree with everything Paul has said, you really do have a talent.

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Mon 17 Jul 20:57:17
  • Your comments is very appreciated. Thanks a lot

    Posted by Nahidh Salman on Tue 18 Jul 00:26:56
  • Beautiful, absolutely brilliant, the contrasting depth of colour is magical.

    Posted by Charles Elgood on Wed 19 Jul 09:44:09