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Baboon walk

Baboon walk


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  • Excellent - everything there, conveyed with total simplicity.

    I've met a baboon or two, by the way - almost frighteningly intelligent (that's the baboons, not me...).

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Fri 16 Jun 11:48:23
  • Robert, you are right. I stupidly put 3 papayas out on a table to ripen and within seconds 2 were gone.. I don't have the bush brain. What was I thinking!

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Fri 16 Jun 11:56:28
  • Great work Ibolya superb piece at least they left you one and you got a close up

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 16 Jun 12:59:10
  • I love this! So lively and so full off personality!

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Fri 16 Jun 13:09:35
  • Love this Ibolya not overworked just right my favourite style of painting, well done indeed.

    Posted by dennis roberts on Fri 16 Jun 13:58:37
  • Like this Ibolya. Short, sweet and to the point. Nice work.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Fri 16 Jun 15:05:07
  • Beautifully done, Ibolya. They are walking with purpose.

    Posted by Ellen Mooney on Fri 16 Jun 15:16:54
  • Thank you for all your nice words! Maybe I should have called this 'The papaya thieves' .

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Fri 16 Jun 16:20:23
  • Lovely, expressive work!

    Posted by Karen Thomas on Fri 16 Jun 16:33:13
  • Lovely colours, light and washes. The baboons are very natural.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Fri 16 Jun 20:36:46