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Crazy Bunch

Crazy Bunch


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  • Full of life and spontaneity, Maureen. Beautiful!

    Posted by Mia Ketels on Sat 03 Jun 16:49:13
  • Nice work Maureen. Eye-catching and lively.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Sat 03 Jun 16:55:55
  • Great title great painting Maureen

    Posted by dennis rounding on Sat 03 Jun 18:33:21
  • A lovely piece of work Maureen, I like the background too. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Sat 03 Jun 19:17:02
  • Thank you Mia, Jim, Dennis and Margaret. Had a lovely time in Connemara on a John Hoar Painting Holiday. He demonstrated about three pictures a day - wonderful.

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Sat 03 Jun 20:37:38
  • Welcome back, Maureen, with this beautiful work.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Sat 03 Jun 20:50:32
  • This really caught my eyes tonight Margaret. It's dynamic and the colours are fabulous. Nice technique also.

    Posted by Ibolya Taligas on Sat 03 Jun 21:56:52
  • Beautifully done, Maureen. Love the bold brushwork and the stunning palette.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sun 04 Jun 08:12:03
  • Ahah love the title Maureen for your colourful flowers.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 04 Jun 08:41:40