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Fort Albert from Colwell Bay slipway

Fort Albert from Colwell Bay slipway


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  • I'm sure your brother will love this painting - what a lovely gift...

    Posted by Jan Rossington on Tue 09 May 19:23:21
  • I've had a very lean spell of late Robert and was actually contemplating giving up painting altogether. I don't see much from you of late but for different reasons I suspect, however, always a pleasure to see your controlled work, in sharp contrast to my 60 minute daubs of colour but I am unable to concentrate for longer periods and become bored.

    Keep the spirit's up... in more ways than one and I do hope that you are well and that the old eyesight op has been a success.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Wed 10 May 07:45:22
  • Another lovely piece Robert, nice to know the background info.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Wed 10 May 15:35:51
  • I've already commented on this piece Robert but just to thank you for your recent comments, I do appreciate them.

    Abersoch has hardly changed over the year's, a few more Porsche's perhaps, it always was up-market. We had a caravan on a little sight, well, my parent's did so I got to know it very well and it is an artist's haven. Sadly the caravan went when my Father passed away, wish I'd kept it now.

    I posted a much better work in the week of the pier at Sandown, right on your doorstep and as I told you before, my Grandparents lived on the Island, would love to go back sometime but it's the travelling these days.

    Hope that you are keeping well, I read most of your comments on the forum which are generally of interest to me, it is such a pity that we don't have a few more contributor's, but we can't force them to write.


    Posted by Alan Bickley on Sat 05 Aug 13:33:09
  • Hi Robert.. in reply to your comments on my painting "chuc, hope it gives a little more info.. church amongst the fury", i have added a comment in an attempt to explain the lack of perspective applied.. hope this adds a little more info you can read this on my site under the asaid painting.. David Wilkes

    Posted by DAVID WILKES on Mon 14 Aug 13:15:48