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Red Gerbera

Red Gerbera


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  • absolutely lovely - no more finishing touches Marjorie.

    Posted by Val-Irene Robertson on Mon 10 Apr 18:36:14
  • lovely Marjorie its nice how the red is picked up in the pot

    Posted by dennis roberts on Mon 10 Apr 19:29:36
  • Looks great to me, Marjorie! You've captured the different textures so well...

    Posted by Jan Rossington on Mon 10 Apr 20:15:32
  • Thanks very much for the comments, Val-Irene, Dennis and Jan.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Mon 10 Apr 20:20:13
  • I think this is just right - lovely touches, Marjorie

    Posted by Maureen Sherman on Mon 10 Apr 22:28:20
  • Smashing piece Marjorie, love the colours and the shadow, the folds in the cloth give a real sense of movement and contrast against the straight edge of the table, looks fine to me without any more touches.

    Posted by Malcolm Buckley on Mon 10 Apr 23:15:09
  • Perfect as it is Marjorie.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Mon 10 Apr 23:18:52
  • amazing pastel, Marjorie, I like much this one, the vase is superb!

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Tue 11 Apr 09:36:24
  • Not bad Marjorie,lass, not bad at all. It does not need any more work on it. Colours and tone are excellent. All it needs now is a mount and a frame.

    Posted by stuart fairlamb on Tue 11 Apr 11:32:59
  • Never really got into pastels Marjorie, but this is excellent work.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Tue 11 Apr 13:10:05