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Godrevy Lighthouse - After Glyn Macey

Godrevy Lighthouse - After Glyn Macey


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  • And it shows Peter a different excitement always gets us going

    Posted by dennis rounding on Sat 11 Feb 17:43:23
  • It all works very nicely Pete, lovely picture.

    Posted by Willie Drea on Sat 11 Feb 22:15:39
  • Lovely stuff Pete.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Sun 12 Feb 09:32:35
  • Have you found your ideal medium Pete? This is another terrific painting, you use acrylics very well....I'm absolutely hopeless with them!

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 12 Feb 15:30:35
  • Hi Pete

    You've done a great painting here, I also follow some of Glyn's tutorials but I'm afraid they're not as good yours! So I must keep practising!

    I also read a book of John Blockley which inspired me to give it a go but it was on pastels, I've looked for others on watercolour but can't find anything which isn't really expensive.

    I've been trying out some acrylic abstracts recently and enjoy them, I always thought they would be easy to do and anyone could do them, but it's not so, to create something which is easy on the eye and painterly is difficult.

    Keep painting


    Posted by John Cowburn on Thu 28 Sep 15:47:51