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(Elephants) Fighting in the dust

(Elephants) Fighting in the dust


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  • I don't think this is a sketch, Mark - it stands up as a finished painting. You have certainly got the sense of movement and aggression - well done!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Sun 29 Jan 12:37:38
  • Thank you Linda for the comment, this painting is only 15 x 20 the final picture is going to be about 40 inches x 30 and in acrylics hopefully it will work as a larger piece .

    Posted by mark luckhurst on Sun 29 Jan 13:17:36
  • This is wonderful Mark, I can feel the power of these huge animals, I'm sure the bigger work will make it into a superb piece.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Sun 29 Jan 15:23:19
  • This is brilliant

    Posted by anne halliday on Sun 29 Jan 16:50:20
  • This is great, full of movment

    Posted by hazel thomson on Sun 29 Jan 17:04:15
  • Stunning water colour.

    Posted by Georgiana CHU on Mon 30 Jan 03:44:02
  • Absolutely Fabulous that is really a masterpiece . I would love that on my wall, the dust and movements from those giants is amazing. this is the next best thing to watching them in the wild, fighting for the leadership

    Posted by Tao Barry on Mon 03 Jul 21:58:08
  • Thanks Tao , I have now finally started the final painting I hope it will look better on a larger scale.

    Posted by mark luckhurst on Mon 03 Jul 22:07:57
  • Wow, Mark!!!

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Mon 29 Jan 15:06:11
  • I agree with Linda, Mark. I would certainly hang it on my wall. Great!

    Posted by DOROTHY WILSON on Thu 29 Mar 15:09:19