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  • A gorgeous portrait Marjorie I love her hair and sparkle in her eyes.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 18 Jan 15:19:46
  • That's a great result Marjorie. Speaks of a gentle and intelligent character for your subject..

    Posted by Jim Morris on Wed 18 Jan 15:50:39
  • Beautiful portrait Marjorie, the hair especially rendered. How do find these oils, the only type I use, as an allergy won't allow the normal type, so nothing really to compare with, also what medium was used? Again a wonderful portrait I'm sure she'll be more than pleased with.

    Posted by andre mulard on Wed 18 Jan 16:04:41
  • Not bad at all Marjorie. Well done. I've used the water based oils for quite a while now and find them pretty good. Stick with them. Look forward to seeing more pics.

    Posted by stuart fairlamb on Wed 18 Jan 16:26:57
  • Glad you like them Marjorie and it shows for a first

    Posted by dennis rounding on Wed 18 Jan 16:29:57
  • Thanks for the input folks! I'm trying to use the Zorn palette for skin tones - white, black, yellow ochre and a red. But I used cad red and aliz crimson here because she has a pale skin, with pink. I really must ask people to sit because you run into so many problems with just a photo, especially if it's poorly lit. Here, I had to rely on memory for the mouth so what she'll think, I don't know. But it's primarily an exercise, it's exciting to learn something new but also very frustrating and problematic. "Mindfulness" with extra bits. Andre, I used a water based medium at times and I'm becoming a fan of water based oils.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Wed 18 Jan 16:38:55
  • A lovely portrait Marjorie, I think that this type of medium requires a bit of practice and I think that you have done well with this one.

    Posted by David Johns on Wed 18 Jan 16:41:17
  • Great portrait Marjorie, I love the tones in her hair, lovely work.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Wed 18 Jan 16:42:17
  • nice to see more portraits, good one

    Posted by tony palmer on Wed 18 Jan 17:41:11
  • What charming portrait, marjorie.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Wed 18 Jan 18:08:50