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Bull Island

Bull Island


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  • Great stuff Dermot. I once watched both Peter Allis and Christy O'Connor senior take on the Yanks in the Ryder Cup at Royal Birkdale. Allis beat Arnold Palmer in the singles in the afternoon and Christy could inevitably be seen smoking whilst playing shots. Legends indeed.

    Posted by Jim Morris on Tue 10 Jan 13:50:28
  • Thanks a lot Jim , sport had some truly great characters back in the days , my dad and i used to smack balls along the beach and we would often see Christy with a pitching wedge doing his magic ... Dad asked him once ' Hey Christy I'm in competition on Wednesday any advice ' Christy said ' Mick just get up and hit the f ..King ball '

    Posted by Dermot Brennan on Tue 10 Jan 13:59:33
  • Lovely seascape Dermot. Always consistent.

    Posted by Henry Martin on Tue 10 Jan 14:20:33
  • Beautiful how it fades out to sea Dermot.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 10 Jan 15:22:00
  • Lovely painting, well done as always, and a nice story for the backdrop. So many stories of o'connor senior, all worth telling.

    Posted by andre mulard on Tue 10 Jan 15:23:04
  • Great painting as always Dermot.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Tue 10 Jan 15:51:05
  • Perfect Dermot stated beautiful

    Posted by dennis rounding on Tue 10 Jan 15:58:36
  • This is a beauty, Dermot, fabulously painted.

    Posted by Willie Drea on Tue 10 Jan 16:13:12
  • Beautiful. I love the sky.

    Posted by Ellen Mooney on Tue 10 Jan 16:50:21
  • You put your heart and soul into your work Dermot and it's always evident that you have a fond connection to your subject. It's beautiful.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 10 Jan 18:52:11