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Flower Border

Flower Border


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  • A wonderful jewel like quality. I love it!!

    Posted by Cas Evans on Thu 03 Nov 09:22:31
  • Lovely, great variety of colours and very detailed

    Posted by David Johns on Thu 03 Nov 10:29:03
  • Super painting.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Thu 03 Nov 14:50:45
  • Beautiful.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 03 Nov 18:16:31
  • Thank you Cas, I saw this flower border in mid September and was really impressed by how fresh and lively the flowers were - it was a lovely excuse to use lots of colour! Thank you for your fantastic compliment :)

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Thu 03 Nov 20:02:20
  • Thank you David, full credit to the gardener for planting such a colourful and interesting range of flowers! I really enjoyed the challenge of painting small but getting everything in. Thank you for taking the time to post such a lovely comment.

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Thu 03 Nov 20:16:23
  • Thank you Margaret :) Sometimes it is nice just to do something a little different. It's on the small side plus it was painted mainly with a painting knife to stop me getting too detailly (is that a word?) Glad you like it! Thank you for telling me :)

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Thu 03 Nov 20:20:58
  • Thank you Carole, lovely to hear from you again :) Very kind of you to visit! :) :)

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Thu 03 Nov 20:23:01
  • There is so much in this for such as small painting!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Fri 04 Nov 02:41:40
  • Thank you Linda! It is the fourth postcard-sized painting I have painted this year - but it is definitely the one with the most crammed in! There's no underdrawing, so I was really pleased (and relieved!) to reach the end of the border with all the flowers in their places!! Thank you for your lovely comment :) :)

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Fri 04 Nov 06:28:18