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  • But very interesting to see more of your process!

    Posted by Shirley May on Sun 31 Jul 19:43:42
  • It is beautiful, Rupert, I hope you will finish it.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Sun 31 Jul 20:40:02
  • I agree that when you rush to finish, you should stop for a while and take stock. Very promising and I look forward to seeing the finished painting.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Sun 31 Jul 20:54:22
  • It is beautiful so far, Rupert.

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Sun 31 Jul 23:19:21
  • Two lovely pieces Rupert.

    Posted by Henry Martin on Mon 01 Aug 05:43:44
  • I like this one Rupert I hope its allmost done as its already Lovely

    Posted by dennis roberts on Mon 01 Aug 08:25:46
  • Glad you realised when to stop. Now some good dark colours and tones will complete this smashing drawing.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Mon 01 Aug 09:29:41
  • I would remove the pencil work on the right.... leave well alone, "finished"- and what a class act!

    Posted by Guy Marrett on Tue 02 Aug 00:42:16
  • Its own with a variety of meanings, making abstract forms, without imitating or representing faithfully the natural. the formal, structural and chromatic details and deepens them through the accentuation of its value and its expressive power. I want to recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso.

    Posted by Umber Smidh on Tue 19 Sep 02:09:05