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Oak Pulpit at Orton-on-the-Hill.

Oak Pulpit at Orton-on-the-Hill.


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  • Wonderful to see some more of your excellent work, Rupert.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Wed 29 Jun 12:18:38
  • I love insides of churches Rupert. A lovely painting.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Wed 29 Jun 12:22:24
  • Great painting with wonderful colours and light, Rupert. Congratulations for having selected for the top line.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Wed 29 Jun 16:04:01
  • Lovely use of washes Rupert.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Wed 29 Jun 17:12:01
  • Beautiful water colour. Love the rich yet subtle colours.

    Posted by Georgiana CHU on Wed 29 Jun 19:41:51
  • This is such a mixture of tranquility achieved through the beautiful, soft tones. Love it.

    Posted by Carole Kelly on Wed 29 Jun 21:13:12
  • I love the inside of old churches. This reminds me a little of the Methodist church in Holetown, Barbados. Very rustic. It's lovely.

    Posted by Ellen Mooney on Thu 30 Jun 07:20:22
  • Love the way you do shadows.

    Posted by Fiona Rossington on Fri 04 Aug 20:11:46
  • Is an awesome piece. Definitely worth all your work! I want to recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso.

    Posted by Umber Smidh on Tue 19 Sep 02:06:35
  • Greetings, investigate by countless pages of museums I have noticed the price of contemporary works of art such as Iris Verhc, Daniel Concepcion, Gabino Amaya cacho among others. Giving me account that his works surpass the thousands of euros in the market. Some can explain how they value those paintings and if possible a person like me who is starting in the art world can get to give that value to his works thank you very much.

    Posted by Nick sampras on Thu 28 Sep 16:11:38