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Flatford Mill - sketch

Flatford Mill - sketch


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  • An excellent piece, you've captured much of the atmosphere of the place.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sat 18 Jun 14:44:26
  • This is very good John.

    Posted by Henry Martin on Sun 19 Jun 06:27:34
  • I like this very much John. Yes it is difficult to know where to go with your art when it accumulates. I have the same problem and recently I sent a hundred or so older ones to the great bin in the sky. I can't go to craft fairs because of lack of transport but it could be a way for you to try to sell your work. You can but try!

    Posted by DOROTHY WILSON on Sun 19 Jun 21:17:35
  • You are incredibly accurate in your observations from a linework point of view. Fantastic work John. I only wish you had committed to the watercolour side of the sketch a bit more. More colour, more deviations and loose strokes. Don't get me wrong here John, it's very appealing what you have, but I feel you are on a "busman's holiday" and still very much planted in the architecture side of things. I checked out your facebook stuff, I love your quicker sketches like "Riverside Farm in Langstrothdale" try and get looser is my advice ( I only presume to give it since you ask ) But thanks for sharing anyway :)

    Posted by Ian Neilson on Sat 15 Jul 09:44:20