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Down by the lode

Down by the lode


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  • Another lovely painting Jamie. The tree on the left looks pretty good.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Wed 25 May 21:28:53
  • This has a timeless feel to it Jamie.

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Wed 25 May 21:41:41
  • A wonderful use of the medium Jamie

    Posted by lynne whitfield on Thu 26 May 13:10:41
  • I very much like this, and think it has a certain resemblance to the techniques of the interesting watercolourist Joe Francis Dowden - have you been influenced by him? It'll certainly do you no harm at all.

    It's also the kind of subject I find particularly appealing - a quiet, cool and calm painting: the sort of approach I like far more than brash paintings that scream in your face.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 28 May 18:16:55
  • Thanks Robert for you comment. I have come across the work of Joe Francis Dowden, love his work though I'm not up to his level of technical skill! Someone who is an influence is Richard Thorn SWAc (, a wonderful watercolourist who's two small books 'Trees in the landscape' and 'Light in the landscape' have reawakened my 'loose' watercolour technique.

    Posted by Jamie Sugg on Sat 28 May 20:03:12
  • That should read ''.

    Posted by Jamie Sugg on Sat 28 May 20:08:31
  • Beautifuly in it's simplicity.
    Caren thompson Artist

    Posted by CAREN THOMPSON on Sun 03 Jul 01:16:03