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By the Light of The Moon

By the Light of The Moon


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  • Another beauty, John, good tones/colours

    Posted by Pat Thompson on Thu 12 May 14:35:25
  • You make it look easy John

    Posted by dennis rounding on Thu 12 May 14:40:29
  • Lovely! But why did you make it hard for yourself doing it digitally? From my experience it takes far longer using a computer, than it does using paint. Have you developed special brushes for feathers?

    Well done though - you've captured just that moment at the end of the swoop/stoop, when they lower their undercarriage to pick up the prey, before swooping up again. Great colour palette too.

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Thu 12 May 14:48:10
  • Thanks Dennis and Pat. Linda I stopped digital painting sometime back. Because I do not like sitting in front of a monitor screen for most of the day. This would not have gone up today but A member requested. So here it is a piece of digital. Thanks for your comment its the sort of thing I like to hear about.

    Posted by John Inkson on Thu 12 May 15:01:07
  • Amazing talent!

    Posted by Michael McManus on Thu 12 May 15:23:58
  • Wow John this one is amazing, what a beauty, its brill.

    Posted by Jenny Meadows on Thu 12 May 15:35:24
  • Stunning work John

    Posted by David Harrison on Thu 12 May 15:43:13
  • Wow

    Posted by peter Patrington on Thu 12 May 16:25:08
  • Very beautiful John. I very nearly bought an I-pad for digital work a little while ago but I love the feel of the paintbrushes and the smell of the paint too much.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Thu 12 May 16:52:50
  • I love the light on the wings, and how you've captured the sense of movement in the owl. Superb again John

    Posted by Joanne Duncan on Thu 12 May 16:54:54