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That Bird's Face

That Bird's Face


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  • Love that face.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Wed 11 May 16:43:21
  • Nice sketch John. What a determined looking bird. Well, it is the breeding season.

    Posted by Michael McManus on Wed 11 May 17:22:38
  • Thank you Sylvia and Michael, appreciated.

    Posted by John Inkson on Wed 11 May 17:59:33
  • Have you been looking at my bird?!!

    Nice one again john

    Posted by Paul Hardy on Wed 11 May 18:00:02
  • she doesn't look to pleased with you drawing her although she should be it's very well done John

    Posted by David Harrison on Wed 11 May 21:13:20
  • Yes, someone/something is in for it!! Excellent lively sketch John.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Wed 11 May 21:26:41
  • Lovely drawing John. I think her mate is down at the pub again!! But what's this I see? You're being unfaithful to your little Robin - shame on you.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Wed 11 May 21:41:25
  • Paul, David, Fiona and Adele. Your amusing comments are very much appreciated. It was only a rough sketch I just wanted to get that look on its face, and I got it.

    Posted by John Inkson on Wed 11 May 22:08:06
  • Great expression! And a great drawing.

    Posted by Joanne Duncan on Wed 11 May 23:55:17
  • Caw, lovely John!

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 12 May 09:36:18