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Full Spate Down the Cut

Full Spate Down the Cut


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  • I do like all the work you have been posting Susie. So fresh and spontaneous - hope to see more

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Wed 11 May 06:32:26
  • I can only echo Michael's words, this is fabulous work and I will look forward to seeing much more from you Susie.

    It would be useful to let us have sizes, medium and any other information, well, for me anyway.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Wed 11 May 06:40:49
  • This is lovely, Susie, I really like your choice of colours, lively brush strokes and the slightly abstract feel to it.

    Posted by Jenny Harris on Wed 11 May 08:41:59
  • Can't stop looking at this, I really like the limited palette and as Michael says, the overall effect is so fresh.

    Posted by Lee Conybeare on Wed 11 May 11:00:04
  • Alan, she says 30 sq and oil.

    Susie this stands out as a fine piece. Not sure where that academic studying took you, I imagine not this style of work, but it's done good.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Wed 11 May 11:07:26
  • It's not a palette I'd have used, I think - which is no criticism, just an observation - but I love the energy and sweep of this painting, the broad brush strokes with no need of fiddling detail but just enough sharp accents to make it work.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Wed 11 May 13:59:13
  • Love the freshness of these it is a wonderful collection.

    Posted by Karen Hall on Wed 11 May 16:51:17
  • I like this and the whole series but particularly this one - it says winter

    Posted by Peter Lloyd on Wed 11 May 16:57:20
  • Just my cup of tea. Love it!

    Posted by Maureen Stephenson on Wed 11 May 17:53:03
  • Oh lovely swishing, sweeping brush strokes Susie - fabulous work.

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Wed 11 May 19:41:19