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Rain, rain, go away.

Rain, rain, go away.


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  • Another lovely one Diana. Love the way you painted the rain running down the window.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Mon 18 Apr 21:15:41
  • Thank you. I liked the challenge of keeping the puppy blurred through the glass.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 18 Apr 21:34:21
  • Like this very much. Please share the rain effect technique

    Posted by Paul Hardy on Mon 18 Apr 21:45:30
  • There's no technique to share. I marked out the main rain drops; decided which side woudl be in shadow then worked the dog behind them so that they distorted the features slightly. It's all down to observation of the subject.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Mon 18 Apr 21:58:49
  • How on earth do you do that ? Brilliant!

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 18 Apr 22:56:10
  • Cute and clever....

    Posted by peter Patrington on Mon 18 Apr 23:34:49
  • Diana, lovely brilliant effect

    Posted by Jenny Meadows on Mon 18 Apr 23:46:26
  • Easy Robert; gently and with feeling LOL

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Tue 19 Apr 00:05:01
  • Its a masterpiece.. wonderful creation..

    Posted by Manashree Bosom Mitra on Tue 19 Apr 06:10:29
  • Amazing!!

    Posted by Audrey Hynds on Tue 19 Apr 10:13:25