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  • Most beautiful colour Marjorie. Super blending in the grass and shrubs. The top left had corner seems a distraction to me so very bright. It pulls the eye away from the centre of attraction. Cover it up and the plants and walk pop out more.

    Posted by John Inkson on Wed 13 Apr 16:11:07
  • Love your brick work....

    Posted by peter Patrington on Wed 13 Apr 16:24:42
  • That soft light across the grass is beautiful Marjorie. I'm not sure if I like the texture effect for this kind of subject or not to be honest. I quite like the texture behind the wall at tree's the foreground texture, does it detract from the light and beauty of the subject?

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Wed 13 Apr 16:36:39
  • The sunshine and shadows are super Marjorie. You have a very pretty garden judging by this scene.

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Wed 13 Apr 16:43:53
  • Beautiful work Marjorie terrific

    Posted by dennis rounding on Wed 13 Apr 16:53:04
  • Light and Shadow is the soul of painting... beautifully executed...

    Posted by Manashree Bosom Mitra on Wed 13 Apr 17:00:36
  • Thanks John and Peter, Fiona, I think you're right, I hate the texture for this. When the weather improves, I intend to paint it again on an " unblemished" canvas.
    Thanks again, Sarah, Dennis and Manashree.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Wed 13 Apr 17:51:47
  • I think you're right about the texture question - when you're painting in oil, in particular, you can get all the texture you want from the paint itself: you can use knives, or just thick paint on a rough hog brush. Even so, while I don't think you needed the texture the tissue paper gave you - or could have achieved it in other and better ways - this still works, with its soft, reflected light. Hope your garden is soon looking as you want it to look - ours (I say ours, I just rent the place from the person who manages the garden) is currently crammed with bluebells, whitebells, primroses, and the occasional daffodil. It bursts out like that every Spring, despite the badgers' determined attempts to dig it all up.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Wed 13 Apr 20:34:11
  • Marjorie love your art, this is so beautiful

    Posted by Jenny Meadows on Wed 13 Apr 22:29:55
  • Love the effects in this Marjorie, so soft and harmonious.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 14 Apr 07:25:06