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Blue nude hiding behind an instrument

Blue nude hiding behind an instrument


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  • Very clever Janet and really excellent work lovely

    Posted by dennis rounding on Tue 01 Mar 07:39:34
  • refreshingly different, super

    Posted by tony palmer on Tue 01 Mar 08:39:51
  • Thank you Dennis and Tony.

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 01 Mar 09:00:31
  • A fine work. cleverly thought through.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 01 Mar 10:21:30
  • I like this too Janet

    Posted by russell edwards on Tue 01 Mar 12:28:47
  • Great idea, Janet, beautifully executed!

    Posted by Frank Johnson on Tue 01 Mar 12:36:24
  • Thank you Derek, Russell and Frank.

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 01 Mar 14:11:57
  • Again,good composition, and great tonal values. The arm in this one is not as well painted as the other,more masculine in appearance, never the less another fine exercise.

    Posted by andre mulard on Tue 01 Mar 16:26:48
  • Andre, yes I can see what you mean. The wrist is a bit too thin, and the arm a bit more muscly but what I think makes it more masculine looking is the exaggeration of the protruding veins which was intentional! The rest of the mistakes are just that, mistakes ! I am good at those! :).

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 01 Mar 17:44:54
  • Beautiful work Janet

    Posted by Dermot Brennan on Wed 02 Mar 06:28:43