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Fountain in Seville

Fountain in Seville


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  • Have followed your work on Instagram, a wonderful series of paintings from Seville. Looks like you had a wonderful time,with some great plain air paintings. A lovely study of a fountain, great atmosphere.

    Posted by andre mulard on Wed 10 Feb 11:54:10
  • Thank you Andre, I love Instagram! It's so quick and easy to post things so it was nice to be able to do that while away. It was a great trip, and we were very lucky with the weather :-)

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Wed 10 Feb 13:05:54
  • Really gorgeous Haidee

    Posted by dennis rounding on Wed 10 Feb 13:12:56
  • There's something Singer Sargeant about this, really lovely Haidee. I like how a few brushstrokes create so much atmosphere and form.

    Posted by Jamie Sugg on Wed 10 Feb 14:11:58
  • You're right Jamie - Sargent in Venice. There's a real feel of heat and shade with the light catching here and there.

    Posted by Marjorie Firth on Wed 10 Feb 15:39:24
  • Lovely work Haidee, as others have said, it does have Singer Sargent feel to it, no greater compliment I feel.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Wed 10 Feb 16:52:07
  • Thank you Dennis!

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Wed 10 Feb 17:04:11
  • Thank you very much Jamie, Marjorie and Stephen. No there really isn't a greater compliment than that! :-)

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Wed 10 Feb 21:35:59
  • Absolutely lovely painting.

    Posted by Shirley May on Tue 16 Feb 08:00:26
  • Yes reminds me also of's wonderful.

    Posted by Timothy Holmes on Sun 27 Mar 20:00:10