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Lauren – Girls just wanna have fun

Lauren – Girls just wanna have fun


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  • Nice work, unusual animals though for you? Lol..seriously very good

    Posted by Alan Benton on Tue 09 Feb 15:12:34
  • Where do you start painting something like this......brilliant

    Posted by peter Patrington on Tue 09 Feb 17:34:54
  • brilliant

    Posted by tony palmer on Tue 09 Feb 17:50:48
  • Ah yes, those balconies, just two palm trees, just a few empty loungers the other side, not a busy pool time oh yes the hands are depicted so well. What is the focal point then of this imaginative and clever piece?

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 09 Feb 17:55:17
  • Thanks guys for the lovely comments :-) I know, not my usual animal shot Alan :-D, but what a refreshing change it made. I really loved painting like this, it was so much easier than drawing with pencil crayon, because the style of it meant I could slap it on, and not fret too much about detail or accuracy. It allowed me to be more like my messy self (and yep, there was paint everywhere and I kept dunking my brushes in my cups of tea).
    The girls seem to be the focal point for most people on this one Derek, and I think they are, especially with the white foreground leading directly to them :-) It's just a different way of capturing a happy, sunny holiday :-) I can't wait to do the next one :-)

    Posted by Tracey Elliott on Wed 10 Feb 14:22:58
  • Only joking Tracey, it is a smashing work and well done

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Wed 10 Feb 19:19:24
  • 😁😁 phew, I was back in my college art class when I read that Derek, I haven't explained a composition for years 😁😁

    Posted by Tracey Elliott on Wed 10 Feb 21:18:29