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Penwith light

Penwith light


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  • Looking forward to it's completion, which is going to be good.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 26 Jan 15:46:02
  • Excellent Richard, truly impressive. Proceed with caution!, this looks damn good as it is.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Tue 26 Jan 15:46:27
  • Nice sometimes less is more.. And this had that balance..

    Posted by Alan Benton on Tue 26 Jan 18:23:00
  • Superb Richard - the light on the sea is just glorious!

    Posted by Julie Bosley on Tue 26 Jan 18:28:46
  • I'm with Alan! It's very atmospheric as it is! Beautiful!

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Tue 26 Jan 19:59:08
  • This is so beautiful, love the water.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 26 Jan 20:01:00
  • No pressure then?! My wife is always saying don't over work it but it is one of the hardest things to learn I have found.

    Posted by Richard Suckling on Tue 26 Jan 22:28:11
  • Yes I too are happy with it as it is so there you are - no pressure.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Wed 27 Jan 15:59:29
  • Stunning! great sparkle on the water.....color harmony throughout.....interesting and variation in shapes - really wonderful as it is!!

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Thu 28 Jan 02:19:47
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