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Stretching Pixie Nude

Stretching Pixie Nude


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  • love this sooo beautiful

    Posted by kelly umpleby on Sat 23 Jan 23:01:08
  • Fascinating work Janet, I particualarly like the impression of light; well done !

    Posted by Michael.P.R Stephenson. BA. ( Hons ) on Sat 23 Jan 23:07:05
  • A lovely painting Janet, great form :)

    Posted by Maria Hughes on Sat 23 Jan 23:14:14
  • Like these 'pixie' paintings you've posted and this is really interesting,especially the strong lighted areas, really nice.

    Posted by andre mulard on Sun 24 Jan 00:58:17
  • Pixel style works well Janet.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 24 Jan 08:01:28
  • Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Sun 24 Jan 09:49:00
  • Know the knife work but pixel style? beats me Janet, I know pixellated etc and can see elements of it but I do like it a lot.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Sun 24 Jan 10:34:16
  • Derek thank you for your kind comments. I can see why you are struggling with the 'pixelation' ( or not!) but it is a style that has developed from wanting to portray pixelated images :), some of them are more 'pixelated' than others despite using the same wrist movement with the knife. Mind you I did have RSI ( repetitive strain injury) when I did this one, so perhaps it shows! Still I sold it before it was dry!

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Sun 24 Jan 13:07:49
  • No doub it sold, it is tremendous thanks Janet

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Mon 25 Jan 15:22:51