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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair


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  • Lots of meaning in this, lots to imagine. Great pastel painting

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 19 Jan 08:11:17
  • Super! Great light and shadows.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Tue 19 Jan 09:14:59
  • Highly skilled and clever. But - the window frames above the chair are different to those below the chair. Work of this nature will be highly scrutinised for accuracy.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 19 Jan 10:05:34
  • Great work TaiMeng

    Posted by russell edwards on Tue 19 Jan 10:15:12
  • Really great title, subject, colour and shadows TaiMeng! :)

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Tue 19 Jan 10:55:14
  • Brilliant!!!

    Posted by peter Patrington on Tue 19 Jan 11:27:53
  • Wonderful work

    Posted by Helen Jones on Tue 19 Jan 17:30:08
  • A really well executed piece.

    Posted by Elizabeth Williams on Tue 19 Jan 18:52:19
  • Very appreciate all the likes and compliments. Thank you!

    Posted by TaiMeng Lim on Wed 20 Jan 02:24:59
  • Stunning work of shadow and light.

    Posted by Georgiana CHU on Wed 20 Jan 05:31:34