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  • I love this. So clever!

    Posted by Stephanie Gay on Tue 29 Dec 07:22:12
  • Thanks Stephanie. I can't take credit for the basic design, which I agree is very clever, but by Franz Marc rather than me. However, it's not an exact replica ( nor is it trying to be) of his work; for example the shapes are different and I have added an extra face etc. i.e. I have 'improved' his composition ( as if ! ) ha ha!

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 29 Dec 09:11:22
  • Wow!! I love the "Blaue Reiter" School. This is an excellent piece.

    Posted by Frank Johnson on Tue 29 Dec 09:33:06
  • Thank you Frank, I agree and I think he would have been one of the worlds greatest artists had he lived through the 1st world war.
    I don't generally copy other artists, except for practice, but I love these so much.

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 29 Dec 09:42:18
  • Janet, oh dear torn between this and the poppies for my image of the day. Looked up Marc and totally absorbed and may work on the basis you have, try one of his works for practice. I have done it before.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 29 Dec 12:29:28
  • Derek, yes he's an artist who deserves to be more well known. Good luck with it if you have a go. I have also done his tiger, and his tower of blue horses, (do you get the impression I am a bit obsessed with him!) which I will post when I have a decent photos of them and am in the process of doing a version of his monkeys which I am doing as five panels, which are going to go on my staircase! But that one (the 5 panels) is going to take a few months in between other things!

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 29 Dec 12:45:24
  • I like the overlapping,rising and supporting forms of this painting Janet.

    Posted by Tanusree Ray on Tue 29 Dec 12:54:15
  • Thank you Tanusree

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Tue 29 Dec 13:32:49
  • Well done!

    Posted by Ivan Boyadjhiev on Tue 29 Dec 15:09:28
  • Thanks Janet. If I do use other painters work I am not bothered too much about the quality if the photos as it keeps me away from going into copy mode and make my own version, albeit not too far away

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 29 Dec 16:04:00