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Seated Figure

Seated Figure


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  • Very interesting and extremely well painted Keith, I'm always interested to know the size of the work? Will check out the website link from your other work later.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Mon 09 Nov 18:19:42
  • Hi Alan. Thanks for your positive feedback. This particular painting was done on an A3 size MDF board primed with acrylic gesso.

    Posted by Keith Symonds on Mon 09 Nov 19:09:30
  • Very accomplished works - there's been some controversy on the gallery concerning figure paintings, some of which have concentrated rather on the ... bulbous. But there can be no doubt that these are serious, well-executed studies. I'll certainly take a look at your website.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 09 Nov 19:30:23
  • I love your life studies Keith, this one especially. Beautiful tones and highlights, as if each brush stroke has been placed with care and affection.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 09 Nov 21:50:40
  • Excellent painting.

    Posted by Shirley May on Mon 09 Nov 22:49:08
  • Accomplished with a capital A. Your figure studies and very very good Keith.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 10 Nov 09:52:27
  • The application of paint is luscious Keith, a wonderful painting.

    Posted by russell edwards on Tue 10 Nov 11:07:31
  • Lovely strong painting. Those skin tones are to die for.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Tue 10 Nov 11:27:33
  • Gorgeous painting Keith!

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Tue 10 Nov 11:39:05
  • Many thanks for all of the encouraging feedback. I have been looking at the gallery for years and only just got around to posting any of my own work!

    Posted by Keith Symonds on Tue 10 Nov 13:45:09