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Pixie Nude- back view

Pixie Nude- back view


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  • A painting with character.

    Posted by BeePee on Fri 06 Nov 14:46:07
  • Clever and different idea, really well done.

    Posted by Rachel Holden on Fri 06 Nov 23:54:59
  • This is a style of painting that I do quite frequently. I call it my 'pixie' style as it is based on the pixelated images one gets when the TV picture goes wrong!
    I do it with a small palette knife with short left to right and then downwards strokes, producing small squares horizontally and then vertically.
    I try to forget the image of the painting subject: instead concentrating on the lights, darks and mid tones and the shapes of those tones. The image emerges as a result.
    When it is completely dry I then go back into the picture with some small squares of different bold colours and pick out and emphasise any highlights.
    When that is dry I then put a turps wash over some areas allowing it to drip down. I usually do this in a magenta and/or ultramarine wash. This last process 'breaks the painting rules" and so will crackle over time adding to the texture.

    Posted by Janet Jasper on Sat 14 Nov 12:25:59