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  • really like this approach to line & wash, just enough in selected washes to breath life into a great composition,fine piece of work Malcolm..Dave Wilkes

    Posted by DAVID WILKES on Tue 27 Oct 09:20:36
  • Very effective technique Malcolm.

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Tue 27 Oct 21:25:37
  • I really like the pressed saran or paper onto the watercolor to give that interesting texture, has a bit of a collage effect ! And your pen and ink drawing is wonderful! I envy the carefree "whimsy" of it all! Congrats!

    Posted by Nancy Farrar Coughlin on Wed 28 Oct 07:10:30
  • Thanks Dave, Louise and Nancy.
    Nancy the texture in the watercolour is plastic food wrap- we call if cling film.

    Posted by Malcolm Coils on Wed 28 Oct 08:13:16
  • Fantastic watercolour painting..
    I love the washes you have done over the drawing etc.

    Posted by Robert Hill on Wed 28 Oct 11:40:02
  • I love this. I love the colour

    Posted by Tony Swift on Wed 28 Oct 13:00:20
  • A deceptively simple work - love it. I like the style of Red Roof too, The variety (and skill) in your portfolio is impressive.

    Posted by Teddi Coutts on Fri 30 Oct 15:37:25
  • I'm glad you're returning, if this is what you can do. I too played with collage, but have retreated to watercolour now.

    Posted by Matthew Sewell on Sun 01 Nov 17:23:29
  • An eye catcher supreme Malcolm, illustrating great skill in technique and application

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Mon 02 Nov 12:48:00
  • What a little object of it .

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Tue 10 Nov 11:35:23