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Spider plant with fruit

Spider plant with fruit


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  • Now this really exploits the nature of the medium: oil paint lets you build up these impasto touches, so you can almost sculpt at the same time as you paint. I like the bold use of blue here, too.

    Have you used conventional oils before? If so, I wonder how you feel the water-soluble oils compare?

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sun 13 Sep 19:46:13
  • This is how I would love to paint ......beautiful work.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 14 Sep 18:54:12
  • Thank you Robert for your nice comment. I have only ever used oil based paints till now ,this is my first use of water soluble paints. I found it impossible to dilute the paints with water as the hog brushes lost their 'springiness' so to thin the paint I used what I had which was linseed oil. and this gave the paint an 'oily' quality which is quite nice. Water is used to wash the brushes only so it is less messy and less odours. Actually I did consciously try to sculpt and 'feel' the form of the fruit. surprised you picked up on this!

    Posted by jane vogas on Mon 14 Sep 19:53:20
  • Thank you Fiona. Feel complimented by your comment , you are a very good artist.

    Posted by jane vogas on Mon 14 Sep 19:56:25