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St Hilary Churchyard

St Hilary Churchyard


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  • Another three gems Sophie a natural selection

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 11 Sep 11:37:06
  • Very striking use of tone.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Fri 11 Sep 11:52:28
  • Thank you Dennis and Stephen :)

    Posted by sophie penstone on Fri 11 Sep 12:10:45
  • Another smasher. The colours, tones and marks are so exciting.

    Posted by Shirley May on Fri 11 Sep 14:01:45
  • Lovely composition Sophie and the marks you make all tell a part of the story. There is not one single unnecessary brush mark that I can see. The little bit of splatter is just right and I love your greens.

    Posted by GEORGE CUTTER on Fri 11 Sep 22:36:24
  • Fabulous work Sophie, and unlike many of us, you don't seem to have any problems with greens.

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Sat 12 Sep 18:58:12
  • Sophie's choice all the way . magic.

    Posted by russ willco on Fri 10 Jun 22:33:45