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A gentle breeze

A gentle breeze


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  • You always give a feeling of peace happiness beauty Dermot in superb painting love the work you do they are a joy to behold

    Posted by dennis rounding on Thu 13 Aug 07:36:13
  • No sorry has completely the opposite effect on me, it makes me agitated, because I want to be there :)))), sorry, joking apart Dermot I really like this piece it just oozes tranquility, I really like subtle blending of the colours and the slight blurring of the reflections by the breeze. I like the way the three main brown trees are defined and tie it all together, it really is a super painting and for me you have achieved what you set out to do, nice one Dermot.

    Posted by Malcolm Buckley on Thu 13 Aug 07:40:14
  • Oh beautiful, what a lovely painting, so relaxing, definitely calming, I love it Dermot, it's amazing :)

    Posted by Maria Hughes on Thu 13 Aug 07:59:44
  • Yes you have created a feeling of calm with this one Dermot. The simply painted trees work well against the pale variegated background

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Thu 13 Aug 08:14:04
  • All comes across very well Dermot, but would not that tree on the right have some reflection?

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Thu 13 Aug 09:46:32