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  • Top notch, Joan. What a lovely dog. Her coat , whiskers and eyes are superbly painted.

    Posted by Michael Trask on Thu 30 Jul 22:20:15
  • A beautiful pastel painting Joan.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 31 Jul 12:40:51
  • Really lovely painting Joan.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 31 Jul 17:26:30
  • Gosh you've certainly got that border collie intense look of to a T! Superb portrait.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Fri 31 Jul 20:00:33
  • Absolute stunner Joan the look and tilt of the head that just says Border Collie. I had a Border Collie called Misty and he was with me for a number of years his coat was just like Bess's coat, he was my constant companion on the mountains and just like with your painting, one look into those eyes and he could melt your soul, he has gone now, never to be replaced, but every time I see things as magnificent as your painting they bring back memories. Nice one.

    Posted by Malcolm Buckley on Sat 01 Aug 10:37:35
  • Thank you. Bess is another aged pet whose owner was successful in a charity raffle draw. Well actually a friend bought the ticket for her and it was in fact the second ticket selected because after calling the first selected winner on the night of the draw, the prize was declined as sadly their pet had died and they were too upset.

    Posted by Joan Lewis on Sat 01 Aug 13:04:05
  • This is amazing portrait. So deep eyes. Love it a lot!

    Posted by Neli Skoric on Mon 03 Aug 16:58:28
  • Beautiful, caught my eye straight away

    Posted by Paulette Farrell on Tue 01 Sep 11:38:04
  • I love the fur on this

    Posted by Jane Foulger on Sun 25 Oct 20:02:34