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Cley-Next-Sea, Norfolk

Cley-Next-Sea, Norfolk


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  • Nice painting. I like the counterchange on the windmill sails.

    Posted by Malcolm Coils on Thu 16 Jul 08:55:20
  • Lovely work ! I particularly like the plant life but your windmill is brilliant too.

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Wed 05 Aug 18:31:08
  • I was there 2 weeks ago. I wondered what to do with the foreground, if I ever painted the scene, with the expanse of fenland in front of it - now I know! Well done!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Mon 08 Aug 10:58:18
  • if you don't mind me saying .. that big plant in the foreground is takeing my eye off the maine point of the picture ,which is the wind mill!

    Posted by Jimmy March on Thu 22 Dec 16:13:56
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