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Green Man

Green Man


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  • I really like this, Fiona. Nor sure how big it is but it deserves to be on display.

    Posted by John McCloskey on Sun 10 May 13:03:06
  • Hi John, thanks very much, it's a plaque of about 8"x6". Yes, I suppose I should dust it off and put it somewhere but that means it will require regular dusting!Lol.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 10 May 13:44:20
  • That is so well done Fiona

    Posted by dennis rounding on Sun 10 May 15:00:41
  • It is indeed art, a lady of many talents,

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sun 10 May 16:06:51
  • A really super piece Fiona, It would look great on my balcony wall!

    Posted by Christine Davies on Sun 10 May 16:36:55
  • This is lovely Fiona.

    Posted by Scott Scott on Sun 10 May 16:58:16
  • Very good Fiona, should definitely be on display!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Sun 10 May 17:35:06
  • How wonderful! I'm glad that you posted it :)

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Sun 10 May 18:07:12
  • Thanks everyone, wasn't sure how it would be received on the gallery, so thank you for looking.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 10 May 18:51:09
  • Of course it is ok to post it on the gallery as it is a lovely piece of artwork. Love the patina of it and all the details in relief. Really unusual work and I think it is great.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 10 May 23:47:13