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Kirkudbright with castle in distance.

Kirkudbright with castle in distance.


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  • Just wonderful Alan! As in your previous postings your use of colour and brush strokes is excellent, especially on this tinted paper. Love the browns, blacks and the blues, and the way the cloud on the right balances the silhouette of the castle. Really lovely.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Fri 08 May 20:56:06
  • Yes, I definitely like this Alan - beautiful colours with a lovely loose style. The tinted paper works very well. I would love to see some more.

    Posted by Dympna Marshall on Sat 09 May 01:03:13
  • A super piece of work, Alan, the pallet and tonal quality sets this scene beautifully.
    The tonal values remind me of the work of Roland Hilder.

    Posted by CA Jones on Sat 09 May 06:39:02
  • Lovely fresh, lively work Alan, going straight in with the brush can give that. (Alas with me it often leads to disaster!) I also felt it has a hint of Roland Hilder's style. I got a book by him when I first started painting and I still look at it occasionally, he really was a master wasn't he?

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sat 09 May 08:11:55
  • Thank you everyone for your constructive comments. Having only just joined this site I must say how delighted I am to be getting some feedback from likeminded artists. As Rowland Hilder was mentioned in a couple of the comments I did have the great honour of attending a 3-day masterclass at Blackheath school of Art in August 1985. He was wonderful, as you would expect and his enthusiasm and stamina for painting was still there at the age of 80!
    Please keep your comments coming in, I feel at last that I am out of the wilderness on my own and with friends. Alan

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Sat 09 May 09:05:46
  • I like it very much. The silhouette of the castle makes a wonderful backdrop. I agree that 'drawing' with the brush helps looseness and spontaneity particularly with a lot of architecture.

    Posted by Michael Trask on Sat 09 May 09:06:26
  • This is a beautiful composition Alan. Simply wonderful.

    Posted by Scott Scott on Sat 09 May 11:07:09
  • Beautiful work and I love the tinted paper - might try it myself!

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sat 09 May 17:14:43
  • Beautiful painting

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sat 09 May 21:44:54
  • It sure works Alan. Your natural eye for a good composition comes through every time. Excellent.

    Posted by GEORGE CUTTER on Mon 15 Jun 20:55:15