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Beating the blues entry

Beating the blues entry


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  • I can't believe you have no comments on this, it's very cleverly done but I guess it is more like an exercise in painting rain on a window rather than a painting as such but what do I know. Well done though.

    Posted by Helen Jones on Fri 19 Jun 19:49:00
  • Well Diana, I sincerely hope you received some sort of recognition in the competition, 1st place would be appropriate!!! This is great, well done.

    Posted by Michael Porter on Sat 08 Aug 08:38:41
  • Thank you Helen and Michael. I was one of the winners

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Sun 16 Aug 18:31:09
  • Love it!

    Posted by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt on Sun 09 Oct 17:53:46
  • Thank you Keren. This was a beginners luck painting but its success really gave me a big confidence boost to attempt more challenging subjects

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Sun 09 Oct 18:36:29
  • Marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Jackie Poulouktsi on Thu 22 Dec 10:24:26
  • Love this , it's so beautiful . Skilfully done .
    I struggle with water drops

    Posted by Wendy Crowther on Thu 09 Nov 16:02:53
  • This is brilliant. I am assuming masking fluid was used here?

    Posted by philip rogers on Tue 20 Feb 20:53:20
  • Hello Philip and thank you. It’s quite an old painting and I’m pretty sure I used masking fluid for this

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Tue 20 Feb 20:57:21