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'E' in colour

'E' in colour


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  • A beautiful and elegant painting.

    Posted by Tony Bartley on Sat 28 Mar 23:41:57
  • Beautiful portrait.

    Posted by DOROTHY WILSON on Sun 29 Mar 14:29:26
  • Lovely sensitive painting!

    Posted by Judith Viti on Mon 22 Jun 12:22:50
  • You've captured a delightful and slightly enigmatic expression. I like it.

    Posted by Crispian Oates on Sat 01 Aug 23:08:51
  • Sensitive treatment of a natural beauty!

    Posted by Frank Johnson on Wed 30 Dec 14:23:09
  • Great Thomas Hardy poetry too!

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Sun 17 Jan 12:49:27
  • Beautiful girl - beautiful painting - beautiful poem!

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Thu 14 Apr 10:03:56
  • Only just found this one and quoting one of my favourite authors too - in fact I write a lot of poetry inspired by his novels although generally not so keen on his poetry - having said that this one is a delight as is your lovely painting which is well up to your exceptional standards.

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Tue 16 Aug 09:26:08
  • so beautiful

    Posted by Neelam Pawar on Sun 09 Jul 18:00:52
  • Perfection ! It's all I can say

    Posted by Marion Clark on Sun 02 Sep 19:21:06