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Unlit Hopes

Unlit Hopes


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  • Beautiful collection of paintings, this one is very special.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 10 Feb 19:28:33
  • Wonderful reflections on the storm lamps

    Posted by Siv MacArthur on Tue 10 Feb 23:06:18
  • Thanks Fiona

    Posted by TaiMeng Lim on Tue 10 Feb 23:57:31
  • Thanks Siv

    Posted by TaiMeng Lim on Tue 10 Feb 23:57:44
  • Simply amazing!

    Posted by Philip Johnson on Mon 06 Jul 23:12:02
  • Thanks Philip

    Posted by TaiMeng Lim on Sat 11 Jul 17:54:25
  • excellent again

    Posted by Pat Harrison on Tue 29 Sep 06:55:53
  • Stunning painting - and a well written and interesting article about the concept too TaiMeng.

    Posted by Andrea Hook on Fri 30 Oct 09:56:14
  • Such wonderful paintings - it's like looking at photos, you've captured the scene / object perfectly, inspiring me to make more of an effort. Thanks you so much

    Posted by Jenny Thomson on Thu 07 Jul 18:47:26
  • This is so beautiful

    Posted by Neelam Pawar on Mon 17 Jul 19:25:11