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Couldn't Resist

Couldn't Resist


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  • Lovely work Fiona

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Mon 19 Jan 20:07:35
  • I think the ink works well here for the trees, gate and fence, I like the lively sky too. I wonder if you had a curve to the lane it would take the eye to the gate in a more gradual way?

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Mon 19 Jan 20:25:32
  • Quality watercolour work. How can you resist something you do so beautifully Fiona

    Posted by dennis rounding on Mon 19 Jan 20:34:23
  • Glad you haven't abandoned watercolour - oils are very different and require getting used to: there are those who say they're 'easier' than watercolour: total nonsense, of course.. Did you use the Manganese Blue in the sky? Whatever blue you did use works very well with the Light Red.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 19 Jan 20:35:27
  • It's lovely! Why give up watercolour? You can do both!

    Posted by Amanda Bates on Mon 19 Jan 21:18:42
  • Lovely work Fiona. Its funny how we always want to change . You have painted this beautifully Fiona looks very similar to Edward Wesson and that can't be bad .Great .

    Posted by dennis roberts on Mon 19 Jan 21:23:50
  • Thank you everyone for your comments and advice, appreciate you taking the time to have a look. Robert; yes I used the the Manganese blue in the sky, and a little on the lane. I like the colour very much, it mixes well with B.sienna to make a dark rich green. Makes a good grey also as you noticed Robert mixed with Personally I prefer it to cobalt for a summery sky blue too.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 19 Jan 21:30:18
  • Lovely picture, Fiona. Thanks for your comment!

    Posted by Shirley May on Mon 19 Jan 21:52:45
  • Just smashing, nuff said above

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Tue 20 Jan 10:31:09
  • Very attractive watercolour as usual Fiona. You have a great balance of the ink and wash elements in these, using both to equal effect together. Don't give up the watercolour! But I look forward to seeing your oils.

    Posted by Jem Bowden on Tue 20 Jan 10:51:33