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Mid day sun, La Tronchaise, Le Limousin.

Mid day sun, La Tronchaise, Le Limousin.


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  • Love this one Jem

    Posted by dennis rounding on Mon 19 Jan 14:01:18
  • Your strong, clean washes always stand out in the small images on the gallery page Jem. When we see them enlarged we can appreciate them even more. I like the use of shadows here, especially on the house at the end off the pathway. The foreground light grasses / weeds work well too against the dark tree foliage, very attractive painting.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Mon 19 Jan 14:07:13
  • Pure watercolour at it's best

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Mon 19 Jan 17:38:05
  • I do love these "educated" brush strokes - in other words, you draw shapes with your brush rather than just filling in: it makes all the difference; and then your palette is completely identifiable - your work can be recognized even in a fleeting glance, which I always think is a good sign: amongst watercolourists on POL, that's also true of Rupert Cordeux, Alan Owen, Thea Cable, and just a few more (Oskar Thorarensson, for example, plus a few others).

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Mon 19 Jan 20:40:58
  • Brilliant Jem - like Michael Edwards earlier said - pure watercolour at it's best

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Mon 19 Jan 20:42:38
  • Fabulous Jem, gorgeous light.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 19 Jan 21:38:37
  • Just superb Jem (and thanks for your comment on my painting).I agree with all the above comments. Your work is very distinctive.

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Mon 19 Jan 22:30:53
  • Thank you all for your generous comments. I do appreciate it a lot. With this one I wasn't happy with how I dealt with the barn roof. Didn't go quite to plan initially, where I had intended a more simple dry brush rendering, so then it got a bit too bitty and elaborate. Oh well!

    Posted by Jem Bowden on Tue 20 Jan 10:56:20
  • Also agree with all the above comments. As an oil painter, I have such admiration for water colour done well!!

    Posted by Sarah Eden on Tue 20 Jan 20:39:16
  • Lovely painting. I can feel the heat emanating from the picture!

    Posted by Chris Howat on Wed 21 Jan 10:34:26