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Street Scene 1

Street Scene 1


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  • This is brilliant Joseph. I love it!! The street shapes are obviously in you head and there's no need for a photograph. I find, when using a photo as reference, it's sometimes difficult for me not to add too much detail and paint loosely. I find myself sticking to what's on the photo too much and wondering what to include or leave out. Then I get tied in knots and unable to paint loosely which is what I'm aiming for at the moment. Some of us have been trying out an unusual technique here. Painting or drawing from an upside down photograph with the paper turned the wrong way up and hardly looking at what we're drawing or painting. When the work is finished and the paper's turned the right way up, the results can be a surprisingly accurate and exciting. You should try that next!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Sun 23 Nov 10:27:26
  • Change that to 'you could try that next'!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Sun 23 Nov 10:37:40
  • Great dynamics and colour. Great loose style you have.

    Posted by Robert Furniss on Sun 23 Nov 12:40:13
  • Taking things to their natural conclusion - and beyond. It's pure expressionism of course. But beyond the apparent randomness and aleatoric effects, there are sophisticated things going on too. In music I say: sounding substence without shaping power is meaningless; shaping power without sounding substance is empty. You need them both to make a coherent expressive whole. And you have.

    Posted by Kim Sommerschield on Sun 23 Nov 14:07:24
  • Thanks everyone for your great comments. Yes Kim it does seem to be starting to go towards expressionism and abstraction seems to be finding a place in my paintings - it's very early days but very exciting and feels very free.

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Sun 23 Nov 15:40:54
  • Vibrant and interesting, I like what looks like long shadows a striking painting.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Sun 23 Nov 17:31:21
  • Love it Joseph!!

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sun 23 Nov 19:03:12
  • Loving the palette !

    Posted by Debs Jones on Mon 24 Nov 08:59:17
  • Fantastic series of beautiful postings - the colours and your use of watercolour is awe inspiring. I love all of them but I think this has to be my favourite. I see they have been featured on the POL Facebook page, which they richly deserve.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 24 Nov 12:15:05
  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I really loved doing this painting and will definitely pursue this direction. As Kim Sommerschield stated it is more expressionistic than impressionistic which for me is a breath of fresh air and freedom.

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Mon 24 Nov 16:50:12