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SOLD: Bloom

SOLD: Bloom


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  • Strong, sunlit and just enough information to tell the viewer what this is all about. Perfect.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 11 Aug 15:18:34
  • Cheers Thea, Its part of a series of one hour paintings I'm trying. As a result I tend to get just enough information down without fussing. The only trouble is getting myself to stop without adding just that little bit more :-)

    Posted by steve strode on Mon 11 Aug 16:23:56
  • Nice, cheery watercolour sketch, Steve. Your oil paintings are my favourites, but I find it useful to change medium sometimes, otherwise painting techniques can get very repetitive.

    Posted by Pat Thompson on Mon 11 Aug 20:43:28
  • Super. Love the colours on the pot and in the shadow, and the way you have treated the leaves. Giving yourself a limited time to complete a composition is so liberating, and often produces the most spontaneous and successful works.

    Posted by Sharon Van Der Veen on Mon 11 Aug 23:58:16
  • Cheers Pat and Sharon,

    Posted by steve strode on Tue 12 Aug 06:03:03
  • Love the mix of colours you've got on the pot Steve. The lights, darks and subtle palette gives us all the information we need.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 12 Aug 09:59:23
  • Cheers Fiona, I've been looking at Singer Sargent and Charles Reid trying to get the economy of brush stroke for these one hour studies. Its amazing what those guys do with the paint with so little interference from the brush.

    Posted by steve strode on Tue 12 Aug 10:48:18
  • Superb piece, Steve. Stunning composition and excellent light.

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Tue 19 Aug 13:03:05
  • Cheers Seok

    Posted by steve strode on Tue 19 Aug 14:14:00