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Saltmarsh dune near Stiffkey

Saltmarsh dune near Stiffkey


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  • Hi jem i like your watercolour its nicely painted. I love this area so much i have had many happy holidays walking the marshes and fields your painting brings back memories. Well done

    Posted by dennis roberts on Tue 08 Jul 11:27:32
  • Pure and simple.......magic.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Tue 08 Jul 23:16:28
  • How you have achieved the luminosity with the clouds is beyond me. Another fantastic watercolour painting.

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Wed 09 Jul 17:40:44
  • Hi Dennis - thank you for your comment and I'm glad to remind you of your holidays. I also love the area having visited it only once so far. So unspoilt, quiet, tranquil and 'natural'. Thanks as always Fiona for the compliment and Joseph, nothing is beyond you! Cheers.

    Posted by Jem Bowden on Wed 09 Jul 22:22:07
  • I love your watercolours. Your skies are beautiful and it is a pleasure to see your work.

    Posted by Dympna Marshall on Fri 11 Jul 13:01:43
  • Thank you very much Dympna, that means a lot.

    Posted by Jem Bowden on Sat 12 Jul 13:46:34
  • I could study them all day Jem. Masterwork

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 16 Jan 13:00:19