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Spring foliage near Saltford

Spring foliage near Saltford


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  • Superb Jem. Great two focal painting from the large foreground tree on the right to the small tree distant tree on the left (like the little far off tree to the left also which pushes me back into the painting.

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Mon 07 Jul 08:20:59
  • I almost missed this because of the absurd mass posting that you got caught up in Jem. But quality shines through and prevails! Pure and perfect as usual.

    Posted by Kim Sommerschield on Mon 07 Jul 08:52:35
  • Ditto Kim - don't know what was going on there lol

    Posted by Joseph Broderick on Mon 07 Jul 18:29:06
  • lovely water colour as usual

    Posted by Shirley May on Mon 07 Jul 20:34:46
  • So glad you have a little more time to post your beautiful paintings on the site once again Jem. They are, as always, something special.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Mon 07 Jul 22:07:26
  • Thank you Kim, Joseph, Shirley and Fiona. There were some fantastic old trees along this stretch of the river Avon, near Bath. Shame they are about a 2 hour walk from a bus stop!

    Posted by Jem Bowden on Wed 09 Jul 22:26:59
  • Agree with all Jem every part fits perfectly

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 16 Jan 13:11:49