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  • Love the idea of a 'No Parking' sign - nice one J

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Sat 31 May 12:35:11
  • Ha ha brilliant observation of the everyday hazards of shopping in supermarkets. With the initial experience of risking the bodywork of your beloved car in the car park being thoughtlessly damaged by some twerp opening their door too wide so it hits yours, possibly due to the fact that they also make the parking bays purposely smaller to cram more customers in at weekends. Also the availability of checkouts and many staff members wandering around aimlessly when they could be manning the checkout that's closed. Also people not observing checkout etiquette and NOT putting a divider on to the conveyer belt so you can place your goods down without having to go excuse me and having to stretch over and do yourself an injury to get one. Grrr! I could go on . Wonderful drawing spontaneous and full of humour

    Posted by Philip Golden on Sat 31 May 13:38:18
  • Thanks Michel & Philip! Yes all those things & more Philip, I don't think Tesco like my sense of humour Michael, as they keep removing my post on their facebook page ? Has anyone mentioned mobile phones?? :-)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sat 31 May 14:06:46
  • My pet hate are all the old f...s who slowly fill their bags and then when it's all packed ask the server to repeat how much and then proceed to search their pockets/bags for their wallet or purse while everyone else is waiting twiddling their thumbs - I always get my money/card ready in advance while I'm queuing up - why can't they?

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Sat 31 May 14:47:09
  • Also the people who invade your space & would walk right through you if they could, even while you are entering your credit card details.... Yes the list is endless :-)

    Posted by James Lazzari on Sat 31 May 15:51:01