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Francis portrait

Francis portrait


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  • This is great Frank, so much character ! And wonderful colours - I am very envious, I just posted a watercolour of a little girl, asking for help with skin colours, maybe you have some advice for me !

    Posted by Sharon Van Der Veen on Wed 19 Feb 18:30:15
  • Wonderful portrait and beautifully captured sparkle in Francis's eyes.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Wed 19 Feb 19:28:25
  • ta for your comments, Sharon, I have posted a reply about colours on your portrait of girl. But all artists use there own style and yours is very delicate. But I use the underpaint style of the base background colour to show through the overpaint. This may not apply to your style, but the burnt umber under paint gives a warm top colour....thanks....just keep drawing in your own style

    Posted by Frank Adey on Thu 20 Feb 07:51:30
  • Thanks Frank for your valued feedback. I took a long look at your gallery, its really stunning. Most of your work is done with pencil or pastel - I guess with watercolour, as I can't add highlights afterwards, I might start with a basic underpaint for the midtones and darks, carefully avoiding any highlights, and then add the darker shadows as a second layer. Layering seems to be the solution in any case. I shall perservere !

    Posted by Sharon Van Der Veen on Thu 20 Feb 10:01:34
  • superb pastel portrait Frank, lovely tonal work

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Thu 20 Feb 13:09:30
  • Sharon...I mainly use acrylics as a base, because they are fixed when dry, and I can work over without the tones mixing...highlights, can be put over...but a little trick you may try, is to use masking fluid over an area you don't want acrylic wash to go over, then that will be clear of paint...this only works on Art board like watercolour line board. But in this portrait I simply used the colour board as my base, so no need to mask...just work over with pastels...light last. I do use watercolour pencils and the new Art bars which come as like oil sticks, but after mixing with water blend as watercolours and are again I can go over them...hope this helps with some ideas....but your own style is great and very don't change too much eh!

    Posted by Frank Adey on Thu 20 Feb 13:37:40
  • Beautiful portrait Frank

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Thu 20 Feb 16:07:21
  • Thanks again Frank for taking the trouble. I am working on a cropped version of the original photograph, just the face, and taking all the tips on board - although I must admit I really don't like using masking fluid, I find it far too harsh for anything but the thinnest of lines. I'll be posting the result, whatever the outcome, so if you're interested, watch this space ! Cheers.

    Posted by Sharon Van Der Veen on Fri 21 Feb 09:37:51
  • Sharon, I will look out for your new work with interest...I agree masking is too hard but there are times when you need to wash over a large shape as in my pic of nude girl 'resting' or the bird head in moolight hunting.all the best

    Posted by Frank Adey on Fri 21 Feb 11:16:36