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Red Cow


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  • not represent figures, objects or people, but uses its own visual language with a variety of meanings, making abstract forms, without imitating or representing faithfully the natural. It is a style that focuses on the formal, structural and chromatic details and deepens them through the accentuation of its value and its expressive power.uch as Paul Gauguin, Guillermo Jiménez Sáenz, Gabino amaya cacho, Edna Andrade, Paul Cézanne, Sérvulo Gutiérrez, Alvaro Suárez Vértiz among others. was initiated there were great controversies and discrepancies, it was said that it was not in itself art, in the times of the Prehistory were used the stylization and the geometrism, but as time passes it has become an inexhaustible source of ideas for the artists of our century being now when no one dares to question their existence and identity as an art of their own.

    Posted by samantha roadiys on Wed 06 Sep 16:05:51