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Roses II

Roses II


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  • Just love your colours, great balance, I particularly like the impressionistic quality to your work.

    Posted by Mark Highfield on Wed 06 Nov 18:04:47
  • There's a definite technique at work here - sometimes it works, sometimes it probably won't, but you really caught the freshness of the rose and the complementary greens with this one, and even those strokes of bright colour in the background (which seems like a rather inappropriate sort of description in this sort of painting) come off. In other words - it works if you know where to place your highlights and clean, brightest colours: and you obviously do.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Wed 06 Nov 18:51:35
  • Lovely as useful.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Wed 06 Nov 19:04:32
  • Always fresh and unique Sheridan.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Wed 06 Nov 19:50:58
  • Thank you for your comments, it's just a little study but I felt I needed some sunshine during this wet and windy weather!

    Posted by Sheridan Ward on Wed 06 Nov 20:09:31
  • I love this Sheridan! Lovely brush strokes and impressionist style!

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Thu 07 Nov 13:09:48
  • I can see that this has been built up with patches of colour strategically placed. It works really well and makes an interesting painting on both the colour and textural front.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Thu 07 Nov 22:38:00
  • Stunning! The colour, the composition, the light - just fantastic. Such big butch roses - how totally refreshing!

    Posted by Simon Crump on Fri 08 Nov 22:30:56