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Towards Alfriston - Cuckmere valley 2

Towards Alfriston - Cuckmere valley 2


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  • Beautiful picture. All your watercolours are exhilarating.

    Posted by Shirley May on Sat 26 Oct 09:24:39
  • Another super watercolour Jem, the cloudy sky really gives a feeling of depth and distance.

    Posted by Stephen Slater on Sat 26 Oct 09:33:25
  • Yet again, a wonderfully expressive picture. They really do stop me in my tracks and almost have to catch my breath - totally awesome!

    Posted by Simon Crump on Sat 26 Oct 10:16:33
  • Lovely watercolour Jem fabulous sky and super capturing of the landscape

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Sat 26 Oct 11:21:32
  • Yes, exhilarating is the word; confident use of colour and brush.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Sat 26 Oct 11:42:22
  • Another good one. I love the sky.

    Posted by Dawn Broughton on Sat 26 Oct 12:37:39
  • Your paintings are so inspirational Jem....superb.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Sat 26 Oct 12:41:00
  • I'm not sure what that creamy patch of colour is on the right, but it lifts the whole painting; a welcome touch of warmth beneath the cool sky blues.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Sat 26 Oct 13:24:17
  • Lovely paintings. I know this area well and love your interpretations of the scene.

    Posted by Helen Evans on Sat 26 Oct 17:43:34
  • You paint with enormous confidence which affects the viewer as they can relax when they view your work because you know what you are doing (if you understand what I mean). Can I ask what paper you use and what you palette was in this painting please?

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 27 Oct 15:24:24